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Jan Bidwell Meditation



You can’t flunk meditation.


What I most often hear from people who I am teaching is that they tried to meditate, but could not quiet the mind.


Meditation is about focus, not about a quiet mind.  When you consistently shift your awareness away from the conversation and chatter in your mind, you loosen its hold over your attention.


It is very simple, but it is not necessarily easy.  I have been guiding people to navigate the path to greater focus and inner stillness since 1987.  I am a daily meditator and have studied with meditation masters for decades. 


It is called a meditation "practice" for a reason.  You practice every day.  It is a continuous path with no ultimate destination.  


So, even as your mind might be chattering, you can find that deeper stillness.  It is always there because you are always there.  You simply need to learn to shift and settle in.


Can your mind get quiet? Yes it can, unless you chase that quiet. That chase then becomes part of the chatter.  I can teach you to be still and just witness what is present. No stiving, no judgment.  No flunking.


You have a pace, you have a path.  You only need to hear your own wisdom.  Let me help you find uncluttered access to your stillness so you can hear.

Jan Bidwell Mediation Instruction
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