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Maintaining a consistent sense of well-being gives us the ability to stay steady and strong no matter what stresses we face in life. 


Because the brain has the ability to change, when we work on our focus with structure and intention, we can actually bounce back from difficulties, which improve our physical health and our emotional self-regulation.  These habitual ways of focusing will train the mind to develop the ability stay steady in a storm.


We can cultivate resilience, and the ability to increase our experience of well-being,  by developing a number of mental habits. Like any habit, mental habits are built by repetition. These exercises are simple, easy to do, but not necessarily easy.


It can be difficult for people to understand what is most helpful to develop a daily structure of “brain strengthening” into their lives.  I can guide people to find their easiest paths to maintain the most effective daily habits that will maintain resilience.

This training does not make all problems disappear.  The training assists you in being able to navigate rough waters without being overwhelmed. I really enjoy being able to use my decades of mindfulness and meditation training to help people improve their ability to stay strong and  resilient. 

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