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Sometimes we get in our own way without knowing how to get free. I have helped people thread their way through their self-made jungles for decades. 


It is always some form of unfinished business that trips us, maybe from trauma, daily stressors, family difficulties, self sabotage, or toxic relationships. I have trained hard to help people see the potholes in the roads and the pathways up the montains. Clients can, on their own timeline, experience  what stops them in their tracks, and  address it in a way that releases its hold.  


Developing resilience, and strengthening one’s experience of true safety and support are critical in healing from the wounds left from one traumatic incident, or from chronic or complex trauma. 


I am a Gestalt therapist with an MSW from New York University, and licensed in Michigan  I trained with The Hartford Family Institute for 3 years, the Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy in New York City for three years, and graduated from The Gestalt Therapy Institute of Washington, DC. 


I am a trained EMDR therapist and currently in the Advanced Master Program on the Treatment of Trauma with  the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine. Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, MD, and Dr. Stephen Porges, PhD are faculty in this program.


Gestalt therapy is experiential and phenomenological, which is to say clients are able to more easily address underlying stressors that emerge and seemingly hijack one’s attention and behavior.  In Gestalt therapy one doesn’t just talk about the past, but one is led to see how their inner knowing is trying to guide them to their best self.  

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