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Workshop, A Day of Polyvagal Toning

We now know that we can regulate our emotions and calm our bodies by toning the ventral vegal nerve. I will be leading you through a number of practices and techniques that can be woven throughout your life that will help you calm yourself on a daily basis.

Throughout the workshop we will be doing breathing techniques, eating mindfully, doing walking meditation, sitting still in meditation, experiencing the soundbath of crystal bowls, tambura, bass, himalayan bowls. We will be led in humming/chanting by beautiful professional singers. A yoga instructor will lead us in mindful movement.

I will also briefly be speaking about how we trip ourselves up by over thinking, worrying, and ruminating. I’ll talk about what makes up the vagus nerve and how Western science can now explain exactly how the breath, mindful movement, humming, cold, and being in the company of others helps us increase a sense of well-being and decrease mindwandering, worry, anxiety and emotional dysregulation.

The schedule is still being tweaked, but will definitely include everything listed here.


Gratitude/Self Compassion

Sustaining Positive Experience/Savoring


Walking Meditation

Lovingkindness Meditation

Silent Meditation

Mindful Eating

Sound Bath


Dress comfortably. Bring any cushions or shawls you might need if you’d like to sit on the floor for meditation. Be prepared to walk along the Grand River on the River Path (even if it should be drizzling). Light fare will be provided throughout the day.

Most importantly, be prepared to be gentle with yourself. There will be no pop quizzes. There are no hurdles to clear. You can’t flunk. This is a journey to self-compassion and compassion for others. This is a gentle trek.

Date: September 30th,2023


Location: 1310 Turner Rd, Lansing, MI

Cost: $200

Limited partial scholarships available


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